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Every day we are at your side, growing with you. We assess your requirements and come up with personalised solutions to meet all demands, from the most simple to the more complex and elaborate. The satisfaction of clients who choose us is at the foundation of our entire shipping process, ensuring with the greatest attention that the instruments we use in this process guarantee a more sustainable present and future.

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Together we make the world go round

Our company works with the spirit and tenacity of a large, close-knit family, made up of professionals who are passionate both about our business and that of our clients. The fundamental principle behind Central Cargo is human WORTH and the people who work in our team are the real strength behind the business. A solid and structured group, every day we grow and do our best to be at your side to help you reach your goals.

Attention to detail is our defining characteristic. We evaluate, develop and build effective “hand-tailored shipping processes” all over the world, that respect the timelines and demands of those who avail of our services. We use professional, technical consultants and have an efficient team of people who are able to manage, step-by-step, the various shipping stages with care and dedication.

We design the best routes for you.

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Central Cargo and charity

"Together" everything is easier

Often, in a single word, deep values and concepts are to be found. Together, we talk to each other, we reach objectives and we help each other, and it is for this that we are strongly convinced that sharing is always the right path, to allow for growth. For many years, our company has worked alongside associations and charities to support important projects, through little gestures, trying to actively contribute towards making this world we live in a better place.

When the client calls, Central Cargo answers!

“Sunday shipment” “A few words and we understand immediately what the client’s issue is: due to Covid pandemic, the Chinese supplier has delayed the production by two weeks and our client is […]


Union agitation and strikes in Genova

Dear Customers, the proclaimed strike began today at the PSA Genova Pra ‘(Vte) port terminal and should last from 8 to 15 November as follows: one hour at the beginning […]


IMPORT update

Good morning and a very good week to all! In general, COVID is heavily influencing airport activities: at airports all over the world we work in compliance with the ANTI-COVID […]


Plastic Tax

Another postponement in sight for the Plastic Tax. This is what Palazzo Chigi communicates in the note that follows the approval of the Budget Planning Document by the Council of […]

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