Logistical services

We take care of everything, from the smallest delivery to exceptional transport. We are proud to be able to offer vast spaces for the storage and warehousing of goods. Our warehouses offer a concrete and modern solution for the management of storage while waiting for sales or general transport conditions to be finalised. By using different logistical platforms we are able to offer dedicated solutions both in Italy and overseas.

We offer:
  • International logistics (Asia, South-East Asia, The Americas, Indian Sub-Continent)
  • Cross-Trade and Triangulation Shipping
  • Free Trade Zone (Asia, South-East Asia, The Americas, Indian Sub-Continent)
  • We offer integrated logistical services in Italy and overseas
  • Storage in national warehouses and customs
  • Sample shipping services
  • Unloading and receiving, checks, removal, packaging, order preparation and shipping
  • Storage and work areas dedicated to hanging garments and footwear
  • Distribution of goods in Italy and abroad
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