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When the client calls, Central Cargo answers!

“Sunday shipment”

“A few words and we understand immediately what the client’s issue is: due to Covid pandemic, the Chinese supplier has delayed the production by two weeks and our client is likely to face a rather abrupt production stop with the resulting orders cancellation”.

The shipment adrenaline starts flowing and the client’s “problem” becomes our own problem: we get everything rapidly set up on all fronts before the shipment. The shipment arrives at the departure airport on Saturday, we monitor it and it lands at Malpensa on Sunday morning.

At that point, our colleagues at Malpensa Cargo City are already up and running: as soon as goods are available, they prepare the shipping note and arrange the delivery. The shipment is being delivered that very same Sunday: this is celebrated by both the client and Central Cargo. It makes us proud and happy.

We have successfully operated under time pressure and the client risked to lose it all. We brought home the result thanks to a perfect recipe, made of listening to the client’s needs, operating with passion and the desire to always succeed!”

The key ingredients of this recipe are held together by the “made by us” concept: Central Cargo takes care of both the shipment and the whole customs clearance process and is physically present at the airport24/7, also and especially on Sundays, when customs work at lower ranks and being physically present and totally independent at carrying out any function makes the difference.

“We do not obey the law of large numbers but the one of tailor-made customs services. We ensure an added value especially in case of deadlines and urgent deliveries and you have to be more than operational: you have to offer services based on a true human relationship” says Andrea De Zolt, CEO of Central Cargo, “and it is essential to make the client’s problem your own problem and never give up.”

Even if the world goes in a different direction, there are still some freight forwarders that find it difficult to work on Sundays in Italy.

Central Cargo is a lone voice that invests in availability and human connection in order to ensure successful delivery services.

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