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Logistics, Shipping and International Transportation

Every day by your side to analyze every need, study specific and personalized solutions to fulfill all requests.

We provide a quality service, designed to meet your specific needs.

We manage all shipments from the moment they leave the customer’s location until they arrive at the destination.

We are specialized in managing freight shipments for companies of any type and size, by sea, air, or land. Our team will assist you in planning your requests.

We also offer customs clearance services, to ensure that shipments arrive at the destination without complications or delays.                                                     

We provide worldwide shipping services for fresh fruits and vegetables, food products, wine, beverages, and other perishable items, using refrigerated containers to ensure that your goods arrive in the best possible condition.

Our experienced staff in all aspects of international shipping, can assist you in every stage of the shipping process.

We offer shipping services for the transportation of industrial machinery of any weight, volume, and shape: we are equipped to ship large and small machinery systems with any means.

We take care of every stage of the process.

From packaging materials to pallets and crates, we ensure that your machinery arrives intact at its destination.

We are at the disposal of our customers 7 days a week, following all projects from start to finish, making sure they meet your needs.